Fox News: Live Breaking News App Reviews

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Hilarious Fake News

"News" for low IQ people who dont like the truth, absolutely hilarious!!!

New app doesnt work on iPad

I used the old version, without any problems. Now the big update, and it cant connect. Goes into an infinite login loop. Tried deleting and reinstalling, no difference. Cycle the device. That doesnt work either. Guess I have to start watching CNN.

Flash but no substance

Latest version reads more like a supermarket tabloid than real journalism.


The only major network news app is here you can get the truth!

Terrible site

Much more difficult to use than the original app

Great App

Update: 08172017. Can no longer watch Fox News through the app. You can watch Fox Business channel though. The app is pretty much useless now Old: Whether you like FOX news or not, this app is the best news app. It works great without issues. There is one down side. Alerts or breaking stories arrive later than my other news apps, but this is my go to.

Terrible to navigate. Hard to use with this version

Latest update is worthless. Wont be using until fixed.

Where are the pictures...?

The stupidest thing about this app; theyll have a headline that is totally based on a picture or photo of something... then not show the picture in the article. Kinda lame...


New app is causing my battery to run out. Its using 96 percent of my usage. Do not like new layout. Will delete app until you make changes.

Terrible new layout!

I like the latest new by itself. BbA new app is too busy. And theyre way too many advertisements!

Breaking news is not Important.

I dont care what Donald Trump tweets. Thats not breaking news. Notify me if North Korea fires a missile and not every time Trump opens his mouth on petty stuff.

Ridiculous. Fox are you listening?

How can America go pure digital online when Apps like Fox News require viewers be tied to a cable subscription? I get plenty of network television over the digital air and resent the mostly worthless packages of cable providers. Fox News plugs commercials so why the need for requiring cable? Id even pay a fee to access the App. Just not a hundred buck cable bill.

Unnecessary links in articles

I really hate it when I try to scroll down in an article and my thumb hits one of the many links there that leads me to another page. Get rid of them!

Love this app!

Love the new layout - great app!!

Wont Run on iPad Pro

App crashes on launch.

Charley Krauthammer

Laura Ingraham chewed up this mental midget and spit him out on Fox... (he he)

Dont like the new layout

I find the latest Version of this app to be quite annoying. The previous layout made it very easy to see and navigate content. Hopefully Fix will make more adjustments.

Horrible app!

The previous critics are spot on with their description of just how bad this app is. Additionally, I experience very annoying and repeated appearance of an audio volume control screen that I must repeatedly clear myself only to have it come back. The only fix Ive found is to remove the app, which I have. Come on guys, get with it! Returning to the previous app would be an excellent quick fix.

New layout is crap.

No flow. Extra steps. Have to wade thru crap to read new articles. I do not care for videos nor watch Live. I want to read. The format is so bad that I have complained to FOX about the app. And have deleted the app. It will stay deleted until the old format is back. BTW, for the past ten years I have used the app approximately 40 times a day. Bad, bad, bad. One Star is more than this app deserves!!!! FOX needs a new app designer and programmer!!!


The new layout is horrible.

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